CP Developments, Two Storey

2 Storey Extension, Caldy

No job is too big for C P Developments Ltd. One of our larger projects, this two storey extension in Caldy is proof of that.

First things first

The initial brief was straightforward. The client asked us to build a two storey extension that could house a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Simple enough, but it involved a lot of work both at the design stage and from our team of builders.

From the outside in

We started simple. We lay supporting foundations and drainage pipes for the bathroom and kitchen. Our concern was getting the outer structure completed, to guard against the weather. It was here that we added cavity wall insulation to make the extension energy efficient. We also incorporated the electric wiring and extended the plumbing infrastructure.

Let there be light

As you can see, the extension includes a large patio door on the ground floor. We incorporated this into the design to let in as much natural light as possible. Windows and glazing are a key part of the blueprint for any kind of extension. We discuss the importance of this with our clients before setting to work.

Essential structure

Inside the extension, the next job was to lay down flooring on both storeys. Once we did this, we primed and plastered the walls and ceilings, leaving us with two large areas, one on top of the other. It was strong and sturdy, but wasn’t what our client wanted… yet.

Final touches

With the outer shell completed, it was time to erect some interior walls on each floor. This would split each floor into separate rooms, as per our original brief. Installing fixtures and fittings to the bathroom was easy, as we had already prepped the plumbing and drainage. This was the same with the kitchen, where we also added work units, cupboards, and surfaces.

The finished extension

We finished the interior with a lick of paint, completing the project in around 22 weeks. The magnificent four-room extension almost doubled the size of the original property. A lengthy job, for sure – but well worth the time and effort.